Our Story

The word “Vyluma,” originates from different languages across the globe and carries the meaning to expand and open to light. This reflects our goal to serve a global population by providing meaningful and effective pharmaceutical ophthalmic solutions.

Today, nearly 4 billion people live with a disorder that prevents the eye from properly processing light the way a normal, healthy eye would. Without improving the quality of treatments available to prevent vision loss and deterioration, projections expect more than 5 billion people could experience some form of vision loss by 2050.  Our leading pipeline program, NVK002, addresses this great unmet need to slow down the progression of myopia in children so they are not at risk for blinding diseases in their future.

Our work aims to curb this projection and improve the treatment quality of disorders affecting so many. In collaboration with pharmaceutical partners, we are working to develop treatments for myopia, presbyopia, night vision disturbance, acute ocular pain, hyperopia, and other eye disorders.

“With the establishment of Vyluma, we are committing more research, education, and resources to the ophthalmic clinicians, and their patients, to ensure we are not only bringing future treatments to market but inviting an open dialogue on how to best partner together.” 

Navneet Puri, PhD,

“The launch of Vyluma marks a huge step in our efforts to partner with the ophthalmic community and do more for clinicians to treat their patients. We have an incredible opportunity to improve patient care and quality of life with our thoughtfully developed pipeline of products to address disease states with the greatest unmet need for patients around the globe.”

Houman Hemmati, MD, PhD,
Chief Medical Affairs Officer